Learn French fast with a smart oral method !

Learning to speak French needn’t take forever and doesn't require hours of solo studying.

Because your time is precious, Leonor teaches with the ground-breaking 'Michel Thomas' method which achieves great results in a fraction of the time required by traditional approaches.

No writing, no learning by rote and no homework !

Whereas other approaches might demand that you write things down and memorize them at home, I make sure that you retain during the class. After all, that’s what you pay a teacher for…

The learning happens in real time. You speak and make sentences throughout the whole class and put into practice what you learn in a concret and immediate way. This ensures that what your French stays with you and helps you develop the skill and confidence to communicate more and more fluently.

If you are excited about learning, get in touch and let me take you through it!

Mes diplômes: International Option Baccalaureat, History BA, Acting BA
Mon expérience professionnelle: 7 years teaching adults

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