Learn french with singing in french online course


I’m Marion, I’m a french as a foreign language teacher.

I’ve been working as a primary school teacher for 10 years now, so I’ve been teaching both reading and writing french to children from all ages.

Then I graduated with a Master’s degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language. I’ve been workin in private courses and charity associations with adults, beginners as well as intermediate levels.

I’m found of language and music. I actually sing and play the piano, so I would like to invit you to get part of my project for you : link both musical and linguistic interests, to improve your language level as well as your cultural skills, while having fun singing !

So this is how I usually work : I take time to care about your needs and your likes and then I suggest you a range of french songs that can match this goals. We can work only phonetics, or both phonetics and grammar, cultural points and so on… What I like is to provide you exactly what you need, and of course to have fun singing in french !

If you have any question about my course, feel free to contact me.

I would be glad to start with you soon

A bientôt !


Mes diplômes: • Master degree of French as a Foreign Language (2014) • Primary school teacher (2004-2014)
Mon expérience professionnelle: As a primary school teacher for 10 years, I’ve been teaching pupils to speak, read, write, understand french language. As a private professor, I like to work face to face, as it allows me to give exactly what the person needs to make progress. I’m used to make it simple and to build « step by step » programs that fit to the pupils needs. As a « FLE » teacher, I’ve been working with people from A1 to C2 levels, either in groups or in individual lessons. I love to share my passion for music during these courses ! As a singer, I’m fond of jazz but I first started playing the piano and accompanying myself while singing french pop songs. I’ve assisted to workshops with vocal jazz teacher both in french and english.

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