Learn french with singing in french online courses

Fan of a french singer, french language, french culture… but don’t know how to sound like a native speaker ?

Want to learn french songs to your kids ?

Vocal coach or singer, would you like to add some french songs in your repertory or to learn some tips related to french specific sounds ?

My name is Marion.

I’m a french as a foreign language teacher.

I’ve been working as a primary school teacher for 10 years now, so I’ve been teaching both reading and writing french to children from all ages.

Then I graduated with a Master’s degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language. I’ve been workin in private courses and charity associations with adults, beginners as well as intermediate levels.

I invite you to get part of my project for you : link both musical and linguistic interests, to improve your language level as well as your cultural skills, while having fun singing !


According to your likes, your voice timber and your language level, we choose topics that sounds good to you : grammatical points or vocabulay theme, cultural facts. I suggest you a range of french songs that can match this goals.

We can also work from a song you’ve chosen and I will help you to get a more precise pronunciation and provide you a range of linguistic exercices based on the lyrics, according to your level.


⇒ The first lesson let us meet so as I can learn a bit about your language level, your needs and which type of songs you would like to work on.

⇒ We start the course with a cool vocal warm up.

⇒ We go on with vocal exercices based on french specific sounds, I teach you how to get a better placement for your tongue, your lips, your face… in order to get a better approach of phonetics in french.

⇒ We work on the song of your choice. Step by step, I teach you the song and you will sing, first a cappella then with my accompaniment on keyboard.

⇒ We can go further with oral/written exercices according to your aims.

⇒ At the end of each lesson, I give you a list of things to remember for the next course and the next step we will be working on nex time (usually I send you a video with practical vocal exercices and/or an email with an exercise sheet)

Take a look at my youtube channel, which can give you an overview of my work! :)


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