French courses by Skype "My French Pass Time"

Laëtitia offers an effective and enjoyable way of learning French at the same time. General French, French at work, preparation to French tests and exams and conversation courses, etc. Laëtitia establishes a program of courses according to your needs and your profile and to adapt to your expectations. Learning a language in effective and enjoyable way at the same time. The course is not different to an ordinary language course (for example thought in a language centre) ; you will cover the different skills of the language (oral, writing, grammar, vocabulary, situation, speech acts, etc.) and the same types of course materials will be used (from textbooks, various texts, documents audio, video, documents, etc.)

Learning French will become your hobby and your learning will be even more productive because you will feel comfortable in a place you have selected; all you need is a good internet connection and the French course comes to you!

Mon expérience professionnelle: I have 5 years of experience. I was FLE trainer in Mexico in language center and self-learning center for a year. For two years I have worked in Caracas, Venezuela in language and business centre. I also worked in Perpignan in France in language center and in a company for 2 years.
Mes diplômes: I obtained a Master degree in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and Master degree in Spanish. Also, I have completed FLI training for a successful testing.

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