Learn French from anywhere !

You would like practicing French but have no opportunity to do it ?

You are planning a trip to France or going to take an exam ?

You will integrate a French Company ?

You really want to keep your French abilities…?

You can have French lessons from home…via Skype

Together, we can improve your :

- General French

- Professional French

- Conversation (all topics, all purpose)

- Pronunciation (exercises : rythm, intonation, corrective phonetics)

- Grammar

I offer high quality lessons for all levels with the result you are aiming at…

– Structured courses and the quality you deserve

– Clear advice to improve day after day

– Extra documents on an E-learning Platform

– Monitoring of your progress and boosting of your efforts

Mon expérience professionnelle: I'm a french teacher in the Catholic University of Lille and IESEG Lille. I also teach in companies.
Mes diplômes: Master 2 FLE/FLS

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s singh

il y a 2 ans

Hi, Thank you for article about learning french by skype. I would like to try your service to compare it to my previous experienc. I did 12 lessons by skype with a native speaker from http://preply.com/en/french-by-skype . It was really wonderful in terms of quality.

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